Author: Sara Scott, paperback, e-book layout, and cover design. 
Website and marketing for readership. 
Author: Charlie Anderson,
Illustrations and layout for eight books: Bonnie Lee Chappell
The Venus Flytrap Adventure
Carrot Pants, along with Professor String Bean, take on the challenge of finding out what has caused Venus flytraps to grow to enormous sizes in a certain place in Africa. Attacked by the plants, they escape and look for the reason the plants have grown so large. This leads them to the villain, Baron Baroni. Carrot and the professor must find a way to make things right and stop the Baron and his plans. Ages 7-9. Click the link to buy.
The Australian Monkey Mystery
A fun book with a message about impatience that can’t be missed. The story is both an adventure as well as a mystery. Impatient to get on with his research, Banana Pants strikes out on his own without telling his grandparents. Younger kids will enjoy having it read to them. Ages 6-8. Click the link to buy.
Liam and Makani
The story combines two struggling fairy/elf characters who are trying to find themselves among grown ups who don’t understand them. How they work together and then find a solution makes a great story as well as lessons to be learned. Ages 10-13. Click the link to buy.
Cowboy Gold
Baron Baroni starts out looking for lost gold but gets himself into serious trouble when he hires Travis “Big Hat” Jackson as his guide. A cowpoke with a criminal past, he can be as deadly as a rattlesnake. After a serious accident he leaves the Baron to die. The only ones that can save him are Carrot Pants, Noah and Maya. Ages 7-10. Click the link to buy.
What’s worse for a kid than to be the cause of losing their pet dog? Maya finds herself in that position and struggles to grow up and tame her inner feelings. She gets help from her dog, Puppy, who is wise beyond his dog years and wants to return to Maya. Ages 8-10. Click the link to buy,
The Tournament
Two brothers must test their courage, moral convictions and loyalty to their parents and each other when an outlaw knight and his gang interrupt their lives. Taking place in 1109, they live in a lawless society and circumstances will force them to become men as they deal with the outlaw knight. Ages 12 and older. Click the link to buy.

Friends Real or Imaginary are the Best Medicine
A child can easily be overwhelmed with thoughts about cancer, especially when they know little or nothing about it. Our book will help you and your child learn more about living with cancer and how friends, real and imaginary, can help. Carrot Pants, Leilani’s stuffed animal and imaginary friend is going to tell you about Leilani, Jason and their parents and the part he plays in helping them. Click the link to buy.
Space Monkeys
Professor Banana Pants has always been successful when dealing with challenges facing him. This time his summer research project to help reduce the uncontrolled logging of the Amazon rain forest has turned into a disaster. Now he has to match wits with the Space Monkeys and the evil Commander Krill from the planet Tellus. Ages 8-12. Click the link to buy.
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