Bonnie Lee Chappell
Creativity that inspires,
images that compel, 
words that elicit.
Breathe life into the ordinary
...and make the extraordinary possible!
BLCgraphics is my passion and joy. During my many years of practicing design and fine art I have attracted a diverse client list including corporations, colleges, small businesses and people just like you. 
I love COLOR! BEAUTY and HARMONY. Color expresses, distinguishes, and attracts the eye to your message. With a solid foundation of color theory, meaning and vibration, I create stunning graphic projects.

My clients appreciate that I can pick up on what they are looking for, usually on the first draft. My approach is personal. I like to interview clients and learn about their business and needs. Clients most often become friends. 
Design fees are competitive with other designers, but to give you the best service possible, the prices for service are estimated by the project, customized to your needs. A consultation is free and your price quotes are good for 30 days. Please use the contact form to connect with me. You will be contacted within 24 hours of receiving your message, during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.
Fine Art
I grew into graphics as an off-shoot of my fine art. Inspired by my studies of Georgia O'Keeffe and my explorations of higher consciousness, my art is colorful, introspective and other-worldly. I love the feel of brush on canvas! I paint what I feel. I paint what I sense. I paint my thoughts, hopes and dreams.

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